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What does Onorio Bravi mean by the title “Contingent Moments” given to this exhibition, which is repeated as an acronym in the title of each work? He explains it himself in the pages published here. By “contingent”, reference is made to what is not necessary as opposed to something essential.
It is something which takes place but might even not happen: it is “free moments” becoming concrete. «Contingent moments are not affected by values, by impositions or by reasons: they are a flash which does not question, but rather underlines, highlights our imagination » (Onorio Bravi).
The Artist wishes to highlight some pivotal existential questions for humankind.
This is done by questioning what pertains to us: humans attacking one another, the human onslaught against the earth and which is repeated over time against those of the same species...
But the word “contingent” may also refer to the changing and sensitive features of things.
Founding “moments of freedom”.
“Contingent moment”, actualises thinking in respect of the memory of the “here and now”, of the crisis which we are undergoing today, of this strongly contradictory “static” current society which is no longer able to express those dynamics for which it would have been necessary. It no longer guarantees those freedoms and those values for which humans seemed to be destined...

Marisa Zattini

                               translated by Elena di Concilio
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