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The third millennium leaves behind a heritage of artistic languages increasingly connected to a conceptual and virtual art. In this race of synergies being continuously contaminated, some still prefer the pictorial tool. 
Onorio Bravi works in that direction, a true painter who communicates with colours and shapes, a trade which is as ancient as humankind, to express his view of the world. After an academic training, Bravi approached landscape painting with echoes of rediscovered twentieth century, but also of dreamlike symbols which emerge directly from the subconscious. Strange architectures with oriental decors are vertically grouped on the edges of the painting, some of them suspended with triangular windows steeped in the yellow light. 
Anguished human presences try to escape from that strange dimension. A vision with echoes of primeval memory and contemporary fears condensate in the pictorial space. The flowers scattered everywhere and the religious characters remind us of the hope for a better world to be achieved. Signs engraved in matter and the tone closeness of complementary colours orchestrate the pictorial result of refined chromatic connections. These are the venues of the soul where dreams arise from unresolved labyrinths and fairy-tale meetings. It is a world all of his own which delivers to its user the access keys to interpret the work. 
Onorio Bravi lets himself be carried away by what his heart dictates, convinced of the aesthetic values in which he should believe. Such a free and genuine outlook makes the difference.

Giovanni Fabbri

                                       translated by Elena di Concilio 
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